Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Goodbye World

This isn't me. Just random photo from
the interweb from the movie "Goodbye World".
My hair would never look this good...
Typically, the very first post on a new blog will be a "Hello World" post. Being the typical arsey contrarian I am I decided to do the exact opposite for no particular effect or purpose.

So why did I decide to setup a blog that is specifically has a political agenda attached to it. Well, like a lot of people one of my habits is posting political stuff on my Facebook. Nothing says "Fluffy Kittens" like a 18 paragraphs of diatribe against the latest buffoonery that passes as leadership in this current climate. Sadly, Facebook is not a very good platform for anything of detail or length. And I personally think that the Facebook approach to politics as significantly chiselled out meaningful commentary. You post something Facebook. Say "HA", screw you Donald Trump, and then look at some more kittens. Feel better? Change Anything? Nope not really. So much better to set up a blog and rant ineffectually there instead. And there aren't even any kittens to relieve the torpor and millennial angst!

But on a more personal level I feel a bit guilty filling up my friends timelines with my outraged invective.  When actually what people want to see on Facebook is happy smiling pictures of friends, enjoying much infinitely more fulfilling and happy lives than your own - leaving you feeling wretched and woebegone. 

So why the "Age of Rage"? Well, you will be relieved to hear that there's no snappy and succinct philosophy or insight intended. Reader, I just thought it sounded good and would snare you in!  But afterwards it got me think about this shrill world of competing anger. And you see it on social media especially as each of Zukerberg's billions of broadcasters (I'm mean Facebook Subscribers) scream ever louder to be heard above the din and chatter of the other 7 billion people, on this lonely ball of earth and water.

That's one of my pet ideas at the moment. That the rise and rise of social media has made everyone their own TV channel. Your Facebook feed is your TV Channel. Literally, you can broadcast yourself live on the interweb. Horrifying isn't? But imagine a television with billion channels. I mean you think your overwhelmed by the 100+ you set box currently offers. Most of it shopping channel dross, right? Well, imagine that a billion times worse. 

One of my favourite videos at the moment is the Duelling Carls. This where this women puts two phones together with an app that repeats the last thing that said. The each get more and more shrill until they are just screaming at each other - a perfect digital reproduction of this Age of Rage.

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  1. So true with Facebook, too many posers to show how happy they are, with sticked fans to feed they adoration... TV couldn't give you what FB can, 15 minutes of fame, as A.Warhole said. Nothing more, nor longer